Unpopular Opinion

Unpopular opinion: no industry is too saturated.

Literally none of them.


There could be thousands upon thousands of people in an industry and it still wouldn’t be “too saturated.” There is more than enough room for you!


Wanna know why?


Because no one else has YOUR unique skills, ideas or personality. 


That’s not something that anyone could ever take away from you, even if they tried.⁣

Yes, there might be plenty of people in an industry, but you’re still different. What you bring to the table and how you do it is unique to you.


I remember starting off as a Virtual Assistant so many years ago. I’d never heard of the job & I thought that I was a unicorn – like I was the only person in this field.⁣

But boy was I wrong. 


Once I threw myself in the deep end, I quickly realized that I was another fish in the sea. ⁣

My mind would always be spinning! 


“How am I gonna get clients? Why would they pick me over someone else who does the same thing?” “How do I get them to see value in my services? “How will they trust me if i’m just starting?” “HOW?”⁣


But let me be clear. I was the HOW. I was about I’d get clients and why people would choose me over others. 


Let me explain.

My Knowledge

No one’s knowledge is going to be exactly the same. Yes, someone else might also use the same tools or be specializing in the same field as you, but chances are they don’t use those tools in the same way.


Maybe you know how to use the tools more effectively. Maybe you know all of the latest features. Maybe you’ve had more experience throughout your life that give you more leverage.


Knowledge is power. The more you know in this field, the more clients want to work with you!

My Energy

People are drawn to your energy!


We all bring different energies and that’s not something that can be faked without being detected. Your energy is your own and it can’t be mimicked. 


Energy is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting clients. Yes, your clients want to make sure you know what you’re doing – but if you’re someone that’s welcoming and seems excited to take on the projects, they’re more likely to decide on you.

My Message

Your message is so important. 


We really can’t have too much of the same message. A powerful message is a powerful message. Generally, most people’s brands are on a mission to do good by people and make the world a better place – just in different variations. You can never have too much of that.


My message is help people make money online so they have the flexibility to create their own schedules and work from wherever they want.


If you’re message is one that resonates with a client, they’ll definitely want to hire you on their team! Bonus points if it’s similar to their message!

What kinds of things are you saying through your brand? What can people tell from how you show up online?

⁣YOU are the reason someone invests in you. 


Not your education

Not your price

Not anything else but the simple fact of YOU⁣

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there that are similar to you & what you’re doing right now BUT none of those people are you.⁣

They don’t have your spark. They don’t have your story. And because of that, people will be drawn to you instead of them. ⁣

So stop worrying about what you think you can’t do, and start thinking about everything that is now possible.⁣

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